Rafa Nadal

‘Dedication, sportsmanship, hard work, will, humility, sacrifice, and discipline”. - True success doesn’t come from winning.

Success comes from your values. They have helped him overcome his most difficult adversities and have played a key role in building a legendary career. Success, the world No.1 explained, doesn’t come in the shape of trophies; it comes from taking chances.
Behind each and every one of his biggest victories there has been a philosophical approach. The day he won his first Grand Slam (Roland Garros), instead of letting his new found fame and tennis status get to his head, he followed his coach (and uncle) Toni Nadal’s advice to practice first thing in the morning to go over everything he had done wrong and needed to improve.

From an early age, Rafa has been taught the art of appreciation, hard work, and humility. His coach and family have always reminded him that being good at playing tennis doesn’t make him a hero. “No, that is a term reserved for those who risk their lives in order to save others,” Uncle Toni once said. “Just because he can hit a yellow fluffy ball over a net well doesn’t make him any better than anyone else,” and he knows that.

*ehm*...*cough*.....MARRY ME RAFA !!!!!!!!

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Facing forward !!!


Hito no hitomi ga senaka ni tsuite nai no wa
Mae ni mukai ikite yuku
Shimei ga aru kara

Translation: Human eyes are not put at our back, because our fate is to face and walk forward !!

These are lyrics from old Cyber Formula songs "Winner" (though I never paid attention to the lyrics till Kamiya_san mentioned it in Osha5 ♥)

For anyone who is feeling down, 前に向かおう !!!!
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*sings* everybody says "OPPA!!"   *sings*
Addictive song I tell you (and not because the title sounds like interesting Japanese word *ROFLMAO* )

Thanks kit2000andanna for showing me this !!  You know I have soft spot for European men ♥
*still trying to recover from Milan Stankovic with his Ouran uniform*

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100$ Uraboku towel =_=

Who on earth buy this kind of thing I wonder
Sure they are pretty, but would you use such a beautiful towel to wipe dry your body *_* Wrapping your naked self with these two beautiful boys ?!??!   (why do I want it more now  *sob* )
Too bad money doesn't grow on trees ........ *sad*. Priority goes to statue......bye bye lovely towel T_T 
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Luca Crosseria

I curse the day Sakurai_san leaves BL world T_T 
Of course I'd still say the politically correct line "I will respect his decision and give him my support regardless" thingy.....but man we are losing one of the dashing queen seme ever walk this earth !!

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